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“Before deciding on truSculpt®, I reviewed all existing technologies on the market and found that when it comes to reducing fat, treating cellulite, and tightening the skin, truSculpt® simply provides the best of everything. The procedure is safe and comfortable, and the results for our patients are amazing!”

- Liet N. Le, MD

TruSculpt® is the latest and most innovative non-surgical, no-downtime procedure that’s clinically proven to target problem areas of fat and cellulite on the body – even those hard to reach areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

At our practice, we use both the traditional truSculpt® handpiece for neck fat rejuvenation and the revolutionary truSculpt® 3D gliding pad for body contouring. Both truSculpt® and truSculpt® 3D treatments work to effectively reduce fat, get rid of cellulite, and tighten the skin.

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TruSculpt® can be used on all skin types and is especially effective at fat elimination and skin tightening in the arms, buttocks, above the knee area, thighs, love handles, and the chin! During the procedure, the device is glided over the targeted area and delivers radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells. The average patient will see a 24% fat reduction in fat after only one treatment. The entire truSculpt® procedure is comfortable and can take between 15 minutes and one hour, depending upon the area being treated. TruSculpt® is non-invasive, so you can return your daily activities immediately. Side effects of truSculpt® can include redness, sweating, and mild tenderness in the treatment areas. All side effects generally subside within a few hours.

Most patients will begin to feel and see truSculpt® results within days following the procedure, and results generally improve gradually for at least three months, as during this time the body is naturally eliminating destroyed fat cells. The number of treatments you will need will depend on the area(s) that you would like to have treated and the results that you desire. Typically, patients will require one to two treatments per area that are spaced one to two months apart. You cannot be treated with truSculpt® if you have cardiac pacemakers, internal defibrillators, tumors and metallic implants (including joint replacements) in the target area. Women who are pregnant may also not undergo truSculpt® treatments.