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“In aesthetic dermatology, laser hair removal has come a very long way in terms of precision, safety, and its ability to provide permanent results. This procedure is very popular at our practice, with numerous cases being performed monthly.”

- Liet N. Le, MD

Shaving and waxing can be a true burden for women and men. Both methods for temporarily getting rid of unwanted hair are time consuming, painful, and increasingly expensive. At Radiant Dermatology & Aesthetics, we use the most advanced laser hair removal techniques in the industry to permanently eliminate unwanted hair on the face and body.

Whether you have a lighter or darker skin tone, our highly trained aesthetics professionals will adjust the settings of our laser to provide you with an effective and safe solution for hair removal. The most common areas we treat for women include the legs, bikini line, underarms, upper lip, and stomach. For men, areas most commonly treated are the face, neck, shoulders, back and chest.

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Some patients who desire to get rid of unwanted hair on the face or body may consider electrolysis. It is important to understand the difference between the two procedures. First, laser hair removal is faster, gentler, and considerably safer than electrolysis. During electrolysis, a hair follicle is made inactive by an electric charge that is delivered via a sterile needle. The process of making the follicle inactive must be repeated for each hair, which takes a very long time and is not practical for large areas.

Aside from being fast, gentle, and safe, laser hair removal is also the best method for permanently eliminating unwanted hair on the face and body due to the fact that it is noninvasive and non-surgical, precise in targeting dark coarse hair while avoiding the surrounding skin, produces softer and smoother skin, and is very effective in treating large areas of hair. Further, laser hair removal at our practice is affordable, and unlike with shaving or waxing, there are no ingrown hairs or razor burns to worry about. If you are looking to permanently get rid of facial hairs or hair on your body, laser hair removal may be the perfect treatment option for you!