Upper Neck Contouring

“In today’s “selfie-loving,” social media culture, a growing number of patients in our practice are telling us that they are gaining greater self-awareness of how their faces look from different angles and are bothered by excess chin fat. They feel their “double chins” make them look older and heavier, and they desire a slimmer and more defined jaw line. Fortunately, our practice can intervene and give patients the results that they are looking for with KYBELLA®.”

- Liet N. Le, MD

A “double chin” or excess fat below the chin - called “submental fat” - is a common problem for both women and men. In their pursuits to get rid of chin fat, many people will try dieting and exercising only to get discouraged and never see results. This is normal, as excess chin fat has little to do with a person’s weight or how physically fit they are. In fact, some very physically fit people have submental fat simply due to genetics.

If you can relate and are bothered by the fat below your chin and are ready to do something about it, our practice can help! We offer KYBELLA® injections as an effective non-surgical option for adults who are looking to quickly and permanently eliminate excess chin fat.

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Kybella® works by gradually destroying fat cells. Due to the gradual process, you won't notice results immediately after the first treatment. It is common for patients to require more than one treatment session. In fact, two to four treatment sessions are recommended for optimal results. Each treatment session needs to be scheduled at least one month apart.

Some patients do report swelling during the days following a KYBELLA® treatment. Mild discomfort may also be experienced and should be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. As with any cosmetic procedure, each patient's experience is unique. Some patients may experience little to no discomfort and some patients may experience more discomfort than average. In either scenario, patients who have received KYBELLA® generally agree that the results are well worth the temporary discomfort and minimal downtime!